Sabine Laussegger

Business Consultant and Managerial Trainer

Sabine and I have worked together for seven years now on the Talent Challenge for OMV. This is a sequence of courses and projects to develop high-potential managers for OMV. Sabine is one of the coaches that works with the participants throughout the Talent Challenge sequence. She is a master of providing the appropriate amount of support and challenge to each participant. Learn more here.

Sabine also co-trains the Influencing course that I provide to the Talent Challenge participants. Over the years she has developed great skill in the video-based behavioural coaching that is key to my course.

Sabine loves to laugh at my stories (what more can one ask of a friend?) and can now tell some good stories about me, such as the time in Slovenia when the two of us somehow managed to get a tottering cartload of training equipment from the upper floor of a hotel to the street level without much help from lifts or doors.