Sushma Sharma

Transforming organisations and people through appreciative inquiry

In June 2012, Sushma received the Learning Luminary award from the Learning and OD Round Table in India. And that is a good way to describe Sushma: a Learning Luminary. She asks people a simple question: “What is your High Dream?” and then she helps them reach for it. Read more here.

Sushma is a committed member of NTL Institute, serving as a board member, steward, and generator of new ideas. One of those ideas was the NTL Festival of Learning. Sushma persuaded Yeo Keng Choo and me to join her in putting our money and our time into creating an amazing week of NTL labs in Singapore. And then she did it again in Mumbai.

Sushma and I have worked together on three continents (sometimes within the space of a single year) training high-potential managers and co-leading T Groups. We trust and delight in each other’s differing approaches. I’ve watched Sushma get an entire group of rather reluctant participants up on the stage to join the dancers at a Malaysian restaurant: two years in a row!