George Levvy

Consultant to top management teams

I worked with Walt at a major turning point in my working life—one career left behind and another yet to be identified. Walt helped me clarify exactly what I wanted—to become chief executive of a national charity—and how I would get there, and then supported me as I got myself moving. Less than seven years later, I achieved my goal. Walt’s guidance and support at that pivotal time was crucial—as well as being stimulating and fun.

George Simons

Multicultural writer and trainer; Creator of Diver

Too often, high potential remains only potential; advancement and excellence are not equivalents. Walt's guidance, seemingly effortless, encourages us to embrace both our inner and outer person so that leadership, at once effective, ethical and extraordinary, can emerge in all areas of our lives.


Harald Woerner

Product Manager, Heidelberg

In our learning group we came together as strangers. After 3 sessions we worked on a project as one team. After 7 sessions we left as friends in a sustainable network. Thankyou, Walt, for being the perfect catalyst.


Marianne Erdelyi

Consultant to top management teams

This course was a wonderful opportunity to allow my head and my heart to speak to each other. That conversation focused me on a shift in my career that has led to deeply satisfying work that I know is making a real contribution.


Massimo Noro

Work Group Leader, Unilever

More than a course, Walt shares with you a method for planning and re-planning your life. The first step is to figure out what you really really want. The second is to learn how to get it, how to influence the people around you and make things happen. A truly inspirational experience, mixed with plenty of very practical advice.


Peeran Mukadam

Executive Assistant to the CEO, Heidelberg

Walt is truly an inspirational coach; his wisdom and wit make for a great combination that has urged me to be better. I still remember his coaching mantra "Support and Challenge", which he masterfully used in our team sessions to take us to the next level of individual performance and team spirit.


Peter Davies

Head of Marketing, TTPCom

I have been fortunate enough to attend several courses run by Walt. Each has been a joy, and our relationship has continued long after the course finished. His teaching and coaching style really helps you to absorb and internalise important life lessons, not just course material. Truly life changing.


Shelagh Aitken

Alexander Technique Trainer

In the years that I've known Walt, one thing has always been true: he finds the kernel of success in every story, the silver lining in all the clouds that work, relationships, and life throw our way. He guides the participants in his courses in re-visioning their goals and re-valuing their skills with a light touch. Castle is a good name for Walt's organisation: the foundations of a castle are firmly planted on the ground, but the spires, like the dreams we all have of what we could be if we only dared, reach toward the stars.


Stefan Boch

Head of Service Business, Heidelberg

We were confronted with a unique personality with "strange" thoughts and unconventional learning methods mostly framed by the magic number "7". In the end I must say that it was exactly this special combination that brought us tremendous learnings, probably stored forever in our long term memory. Thank you for that!

The Gang of 4

Anne, Isabelle, Anders, and Ivo

Walt was our instructor for an extremely exciting management workshop 5 years ago. With his inputs he inspired us then to create a team. We did and still meet monthly by phone and have become a strong, supportive, sharing, coaching, and caring team which we cherish greatly! We've managed to meet every year and even Walt joins in! (The Gang of 4 is Anne DeVecchi, Isabelle Maroteaux, Anders Jensen, and Ivo Van Calster.)