I love number patterns so my friend George Simons and I created a word to describe that: arithmodigmaphilia.

That means I’m an arithmodigmaphile! We put it together from Greek words for "number" and "pattern" and "lover of" to create arithmodigmaphile. Which you could pronounce as a-rith-mo-dime-a-file or as a-rith-mo-dig-ma-file or as whatever you like! 

Like my father, I love watching an odometer reach an even number of miles or a digital clock get to 10:10 or 15:51. I graduated from the College of Wooster on the sixth day of the sixth month of 1966: 6-6-66. As president of my class, I've sent out fundraising letters on or near 7-7-77, 8-8-88, and 9-9-99. 

As we arrived at the new millennium, I realised that the first day of the year could be written as 01-01-01. That was too good to pass up, so I emailed a message to several hundred friends. I got lots of responses, many of them saying: "Looking forward to 02-02-02" and so I have continued. You can see the earlier messages in the Arithmodigmaphilia Archive.

Arithmodigmaphilia Archive