Jenny Saunders Gilders

Producer, iPhone Apps and Video Books

Jenny speaks two languages: computer and non-computer. (She also speaks French and English.) In both cases, she is great at helping people who speak only one of those languages to understand the people who only speak the other one. She coordinated digital products at the BBC for 23 years and now does it with the rest of us. Find out more here.

Jenny has been using Apple computers as long as I have and we co-designed a HyperCard version of one of my training courses on early versions of the Mac back in the mid 80s.

Jenny and I have been friends ever since I stepped on her foot while moving to my seat at a Tom Paxton concert in 1983. Well, there was a slight delay. I apologised, noticed that she too was singing along, commented on that at the interval, and we’ve been talking ever since.