Influencing for Results in Organisations

I have an idea! What happens to your new idea in your organisation? If it's your idea, do you assume everyone will instantly accept it? Or do you try to sell it to one other person? Do you work with a team to make it happen? Or do you build a coalition across the organisation to bring the idea into action?

How do I choose? Any one of those choices might be appropriate—depending on your answers to a series of basic questions that help you plan how to influence for success (What do I want?), choose a strategy (How do I get it?), become more aware of your self (Who am I?), analyse the influencing situation (What’s going on?), and consider the entire system (Who can help?).

What do I learn? A wise man once described effective influencing as “the ability to move an idea from your mind to my mind and to move me with the idea.” Those few words sum up what you need to do to influence effectively. This course guides you through that process: developing your abilities, clarifying your ideas, choosing your strategies, connecting with the people you are influencing, and getting what you want.

How do I learn? During this course you learn in different ways—including intensive video-based coaching on interpersonal skills, group discussions, feedback from peers in other organisations, focus on filters that block effective behaviour, bodywork to support brainwork, and an extensive video rehearsal of your own personal Organisational Influencing Challenge.

What do I get? You get an electronic copy of the course materials, plus your own videos, and your own copy of Walt’s book Influencing for Results in Organisations (Libri, 2011).