Jasenka Gojsic

Supporter in Organizational and Personal Changes

Jasenka is that rare management consultant who has actually done lots of managing first. After three years as Deputy CEO, she was the CEO of CARNet for six years. She brings her understanding of those management challenges to her work with clients—as well as her knowledge of website design and the digital world. Learn more here.

Jasenka and I first met when I led training courses for CARNet more than ten years ago. When she was ready to move on from her CEO role, she spent three days working with me. I still remember her saying as she walked in the door: “Okay, we have three things to do: figure out what I’m going to do when I leave CARNet, prepare my people there for the transition, and then figure out how to improve your website!”

We did all three of those things and we learned that we are great at coaching each other. She has done great work with the decisions she made in the first two days, and my website improved drastically after the intensive day of design work we did. That website lasted seven years and I reviewed all her suggestions as I prepared this new version of the site.