Marianne Erdelyi

Consultant to senior teams and trainer of influencing skills

Marianne is a treasure. After nearly 45 years of friendship we can still talk for hours about a new model for explaining how the world—and the people in it—might get even better. 

Marianne brought me into my first diversity work: race and sex desegregation work in the public schools of Ohio. We learned a lot about dealing with resistance. And sometimes what we did really worked. One time it worked so well that we danced round the room after the participants left. I imagine we are still the only two people to have ever danced for sheer joy in the boardroom of the Cleveland Public Schools. 

Marianne is still working in Cleveland—and around the US. And she occasionally comes over to Europe. She is beyond description, but you can start here to find out more about Marianne Erdelyi.