Here are the links to some organisations that I support and to some social media sites with more information and even more links!

World Food Programme

The UN’s World Food Programme feeds millions of people every day. I’ve been privileged to work with WFP staff in Bangkok, Khartoum, Rome, and Darfur. They are amazing people doing amazing things—give them a hand.

Hunger Hot Spots


Yes Scotland

This is the campaign for an independent Scotland. Being independent will mean the people who care most about Scotland—the people who live in Scotland—will be taking the decisions about our future.I am a YES Ambassador and would be happy to talk with you.


The College of Wooster

Independent Minds, Working Together
As President of the Class of ‘66 of the College of Wooster, I am part of the Reunion Planning Team that is preparing for our 50th reunion in 2016. When we entered Wooster in September 1962, we were told that we had been recruited to be an"elliptical" class—to be an unusual and more than simply "well-rounded" group of young people. So even before we graduated on 6-6-66, we knew we were different. At our 25th Reunion we gave a record gift to the College. Now we are preparing to Connect with all of our classmates, Construct a brilliant reunion, and Contribute another record-breaking gift.