Den Winterburn

Consultant on teambuilding and personal development

As lead consultant of Imagine Consultants, Den works with people in industry, government, and schools to build teams of senior executives and to facilitate personal development of staff, students, and employees. He combines a deep commitment to measurable results with a delight in the power of music and fun to transform people. 

Den and I worked together for several years as ImagineCastle, combining our skills to work with teams of senior executives—sometimes in Unilever’s research lab and sometimes with Liverpool head teachers.

Den is a delight to work with: he challenges participants (and me) to do the best we can and then imagine even more. And after a hard day's work, he can pull us all together with his guitar or with his humour. I am ever grateful to Den for the use of his flat in Liverpool while he was away. My three separate weeks of solitary work in the flat—concluded each time by a day or two of stimulating conversation with Den—produced the early drafts of my book.