Walt Hopkins, Ph.D.

A client describes Walt’s work this way: “Walt is world-class in what he does and he has dedicated himself to designing unique approaches for working with people. Walt’s work goes to the heart of his subject; it is not about techniques but about the values and behaviour change that are fundamental to real growth.”
Walt’s book Influencing for Results in Organisations provides theory, four-colour models, detailed planning guides, and more than one hundred real-life stories of effective influencing by all kinds of people in all kinds of organisations. The questionnaire at the heart of the book is now available online in thirty-five languages from Arabic to Zulu.
Over the past forty years, Walt has worked with thousands of people from more than sixty countries. He has worked with many organisations, including Apple, the BBC, Chevron, Digital, Disney, the European Space Agency, GKN, Heidelberg, Media Arts, OMV, Procter & Gamble, Quality & Equality, Shell, Statoil, Unilever, and the United Nations World Food Programme.
Walt is based in Scotland, where he has worked with Fife Council, Motorola, the Scottish Development Agency, the Scottish Prison Service, Solectron, Standard Life, Sun Micro, and schools in Fife and Renfrew through ISIS: Imagine Schools In Scotland.
In 1986, Organization Design & Development published Walt’s unique poster-based approach to career and life design entitled A Goal Is A Dream Taken Seriously and this is the basis for Walt’s Create Your Future workshop.
With his colleague George Simons, Walt designed the Culture Visa and created the workbook for Not My Type: Valuing Diversity, the award-winning video from Video Arts.
Walt has been a professional member of the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science since 1983. For the 8th edition of the Reading Book for Human Relations Training, published by NTL Institute, Walt contributed chapters on diversity, journaling, and Appreciative Inquiry. For the NTL series Keys to Group Effectiveness, Walt contributed the booklet on Journaling.
Walt has a B.A. from the College of Wooster, an M.Litt. from the University of Edinburgh, a Ph.D. from Union Graduate School, and two diplomas from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.
Walt was born in the USA but has lived in Europe since 1982. He became a British citizen in 2002. Walt studied in Scotland for two years in the sixties and returned to Scotland in 1997 after living in London for 15 years. He has taught in high schools, alternative colleges, universities, a race-and-sex-desegregation project, government, business, and industry. In 1983, he founded Castle Consultants International, which is now part of a worldwide network of interdependent consultants. Walt’s mission is to encourage people to do more of what they do best; when Walt is doing what he does best, people around him begin changing their lives.