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Before—or after—you look at some of the other things on this site (Influencing ToolsCoaching & CoursesWritings, and Resources) you can order one—or more—of my books or passports. You can order them through your local independent bookshop (always worth supporting) or through the various online booksellers. The simplest way is to go direct to  Libri Publishing, my publishers, by clicking on any of the images below or by clicking on this Buy Now button. 



  • Influencing

    by answering 4 questions

    Influencing for Results in Organisations begins with 4 key questions that answer 4 key issues.

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    “People still talk about Walt’s inspiring courses for our WFP fundraising team in Asia and our local teams here in Sudan. This book will show you why.”
    Corinne Fleischer, Deputy Regional Director, World Food Programme, Sudan

  • Influencing

    with 4 different approaches

    Influencing for Results in Organisations means choosing your strategy to fit the situation. You are not just one point—you are a star!

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    “I still carry Walt’s Influencing for Results handbook with me into every business meeting I attend.”
    Alan Raleigh, Group Supply Chain Vice President, Unilever

  • Influencing

    with 7 videos to show you how

    Influencing for Results in Organisations links to 7 videos that show you how to do all 4 approaches to influencing—so you can do them yourself!

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    “This is a book I could wish I had written myself.”
    Roger Harrison, author, consultant, and co-creator of the first-ever influencing skills course

  • Coaching & Courses

    Focus on 7 Questions

    Answer these 7 questions to create your own future and to create the future of your team and your organisation: What? Who? When? Where? Why? How? How Much?

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    “The foundations of a castle are firmly planted on the ground, but the spires, like the dreams we all have of what we could be if we only dared, reach toward the stars.”
    Shelagh Aitken, Appreciative Editor at AI Practitioner

  • Writings

    In the Writings archive you can find:

    Learnings newsletters on what I’ve learned about feedback, diversity, retreat, journaling, and many other things.

    Arithmodigmaphilia thoughts inspired by my “love for number patterns” in dates like 12-12-12.

    Chapters from the NTL Reading Book for Human Relations Training and The Gower Handbook of Management.

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  • Writings

    The Writings archive also has some of my haiku and other poetry—including these:

    “Communion at 271 and Rockside” from Cleveland Anthology

    “Dark green pines among” from Bardic Echoes

    “Teacher as Metamorph” from Cutting Edge

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  • Resources

    “Only connect!”

    That is E. M. Forster’s plea to us as people sharing a planet. So the Resources part of the website connects you to other people, to other organisations, and to other resources for learning—including my favourite books, films, and music. Enjoy!

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Walt’s World of Wisdom

Our way of ensemble playing is not that someone leads and everyone else just follows. . . .
everyone is thinking towards a central point. . . .
We don't follow each other; we play together.

David Soyer

Source: The Art of Quartet Playing: The Guarneri Quartet in Conversation with David Blum